Do you have the guts to try this unusual job searching techniques?

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The traditional way of hunting a job is simple, sit in front of your computer and update your CV. You scout through job sites, career pages and find jobs that you think you fit, apply and hope someone will call you the next morning. Repeat.

This method continues to be in use for the past 20 years, and we still stick to it (I wonder why? Do you?).

Why should the job hunting process be so passive? Why should our fate rest in the hands of unknown recruiters or employers? Why can’t we take things in our hands and make a difference by being proactive?

Before we dive into creative ways to capture attention, let us take a step back and understand what this primitive, yet popular job search method of sending a resume does? A resume has one sole purpose for its existence; it should get you an interview, period. It is just a medium, a piece of communication which leads a job seeker to an interview.

If the interview is the objective – why should we rely on the resume alone?

Here are some methods to grab the attention of your prospective employer. Try it at your own risk.

Advertise on Linkedin:

If you are going on Linkedin to find a job, employers are also there looking for talent. One of the ways to be on top of your future employer’s mind is to be in front of them. Try Linkedin advertisement, buy ads, and present yourself in front of your potential employers in style. Keep your target simple and straight, get an interview.

Ask for a blogger to promote you.

Create your own web page; many free sites can offer decent web pages without much hassle. Then find high authority and prominent bloggers in your industry within your region. Request them to mention you on their blog; your prospective employer might read the blog and click on your page asking for a meeting.

Make a creative resume:

Hire resume writers or a graphic or web designer or a calligraphy artist to make your resume stand out. If you can’t afford them then there are free sites that help you with that. Let the resume shout out your critical skills, find ways to send it across to prospective employers, it might help you to get their attention. Sometimes a handwritten cover letter can do wonders (i.e., if you have good handwriting).

Hold a contest:

Find me a Job and fly to Bali for three days two night for Free!”

Be creative, a title that screams “Find me a Job and fly to Bali for three days two night for Free!” Or anything that you can afford. Get hold of your friends, acquaintances, your Facebook friends, your Twitter friends, and every other social network friend. Send them a mass mail, be descriptive about your qualifications and be specific about what you are looking for, perhaps list down top 10 companies you want to work. If they can help you land an interview that will get you a job, they win the Grand prize!

LinkedIn recommendations for you:

Be shameless, ask for recommendations from your connections. Also, ask them to help connect with specific people in their contact that might get you an interview. You will be surprised, but sometimes all you have to do is ask and be sincere.

Make a video and send it to your employer:

If the picture can tell a thousand words, a video can say tens of thousands of them. Make a video of yourself (useful link) a white background (think of Apple videos), less distraction the better. The video should not be longer than 1 minute, send it to your prospective employers. The video should consist of content that covers – Who you are? What can you do for the company? And why should you be hired? A compelling script can do wonders. Seek professional help if you have to.

Your objective is to get an interview, employers appreciate you making extra efforts to work with them. They will remember you, perhaps if not this time around they will look for you when there are relevant opportunities that befit you. Don’t be shy to show your creative side. Think out of the box, be different. Do remember there is a thin line between being creative and being creepy, run it through your friends and family if you are unsure.

We are RPM Jobs, think of us as Expedia for jobs. RPM Jobs is all about recruitment. We are an ecosystem, a web portal and a marketplace for jobs. We aggregate all the job posts across the globe, use AI, and machine learning to find the right job for you; then we recommend a team of skilled professionals (partners) who can add value, helping you find your dream job from the extensive list of employers.

Do you have more creative ideas? Or you think any of the above thoughts resonate with you, do drop a comment below and let’s together inspire a community of job seekers.

Finding Job with Social Media

Your resume is usually seen by those whom you have either sent it directly or a recruiter or through job portals. That is a small group of people who know you exist and looking for a job. If you use social media in your job search you can multifold the probability of being spotted by the right employer.

Majority of employers and recruiters today use social media to source their candidates, which means if you want to be found for that ‘right job’ – using social media as your job search strategy is imperative. It helps to portray your skills and experience in better light and provide opportunities to network with professionals with a similar skill set. Studies have shown that 92% of companies are using social media for hiring—and that three out of four hiring managers will check out a candidate’s social profiles.

Types of Social Media to explore your job search:

image source:careerglider 


This is the obvious one, If you are actively job searching it is essential that you have an up to date LinkedIn profile. Find the right endorsements and use referral well. Don’t be shy to ask for help. You can find further help on how to create a Killer LinkedIn profile here.


Facebook is the second most popular social network for recruiters. Use Facebook to demonstrate your professional interest and your skills by posting and liking content that will enhance your professional image. Fill out your profile with your professional summary. Join Groups and like pages that you aspire to work with. Connect and chat up with people who are influencers in your respective fields and ask for guidance. More ways to find jobs on Facebook:


How can a tweet running 140-character or less help your job search?

The answer lies in few tips and tricks to make twitter work for you.

Step 1: Create a professional handle – Keep your name your real name and choose an appropriate, memorable Twitter handle. Avoid using numbers If needed, you can use underscores

Step 2: Choose a professional photo for your avatar

Step 3: Header background is your billboard – let it speak to the brand you are. Make sure it has all that you want your audience to know about you.

Step 4: Follow the people you admire professionally and whom you want to work with. This is the easiest ways to stay informed about new job openings and find referrals who can recommend you for that opening you were looking for.

Step5: Contribute either by tweeting or retweeting people you follow to make your presence felt with the relevant target group, display your expertise and your knowledge by saying something that adds value. Retweet that you find inspiring and add your thoughts – this will help build your professional image. There are some things you should avoid doing on twitter read them here –What not to do on Twitter


Blogging is a powerful tool that can help you get you the job you want. Writing a blog is a great way to share your story. The length of the article doesn’t matter, the content does. You have the time and space to write about what you are passionate about, things that excite you or you care about. The best personal blogs are, essentially, professional portfolios. Share your stories. Make sure your blog compliments and supplements your resume. And once you have written the blog – reach out to the relevant audience ( your prospective employers and influencers ) and post where they can read. How to Start a Successful Blog

Some shortcuts that will help you gain that extra mileage. Use schedule tools – you can find some useful tools here 

Google yourself:

What you find about yourself is what your prospective employers will find too. If you find something undesirable try to remove it from the source this article might help throw some light.

Be deliberate in posting and adding a point of view. Don’t be ad-hoc and be careful what you’re posting — visually or otherwise. Social media’s objective is to find and bring like-minded people together. Reach out people you look up to, people who respect and get inspired with. Find your next job by being social in the media.

Please add your stories if you had found a job through social media.


Find jobs that make you happy at 

3 Areas where AI is changing Recruitment Industry

If you ask an employer they will complain about talent shortage while most employees complain about how unhappy are they with their jobs. This affects the efficiency of the staff and business alike. A study by PWC shows an average of 28% of company’s total operating expenses goes to hiring people. And when it’s a wrong hire its money and efforts wasted. Artificial Intelligence in recruitment world is beginning to take shape and changing the way we hire and find jobs. AI is not yet the mainstream but the things are poised to change in not so distant future.

Progressive organization and recruitment agency worldwide are switching to Artificial intelligence to solve hiring problems.

For recruiters, the job of AI is to accelerate hiring, reduce manual tasks and make recruitment team more productive. Recruiters are putting AI to work by surfacing stronger candidates from a large pool of resources to match the job description.

There are many stages of Recruitment process where Artificial intelligence has added enormous value, I have listed down 3main stages where AI is kicking up a storm.

Sourcing & AI

Candidate sourcing is one of the most laborious tasks in the recruitment process. 52% of acquisition leaders and recruiters say the most difficult part of their job is to source the candidate. It is time-consuming, repetitive and most processes are inefficient or ineffective.

While everything which has a potential to improve that needs a repetitive task, sourcing is one area that AI has made an impact. With Machine learning and big data, the software today help automate the recruiting process are learning on their own and getting smarter based on what they’re learning. It has learned to saves your organization time and money and gives recruiters the capacity to conduct more strategic task like dealing with people.

Ideal does a good job in this regard


Even before a recruiter picks up the phone and reaches out to the prospective candidate, the recruitment chatbot can qualify candidates. It can screen and filter by asking custom questions such as:

  • If the candidate is actively looking for a job or not?
  • If he/she is interested in a particular company or industry?
  • What is the reason for a change?

And other technical questions which are pre-requisites to qualify a candidate for the role. It eliminates the guesswork out of reaching to a prospective candidate and targets only the candidates that fit the role and who is willing to explore.

Most chatbot uses natural language processing to understand the text like a human would. It assists recruiters to filter out the candidate who is not interested in what they are offering. This saves time, efforts and help have a meaningful conversation with the right candidate.

Text Recruit is a perfect example

Rediscovery with AI

A recruiter is working on a niche and challenging role for a while only to realize the position has been closed by the competition. The shortlisted candidate was in the database all this while but remain undiscovered. Sounds familiar scenario? If the answer is yes – you are not alone.

The problem is recruiters are sitting on a goldmine of profiles which they have gathered over time but you are unable to use the database optimally. AI infused programmes tend to solve this problem.  Machine Learning understands the requirement that recruiter keys in, it reads the database and surfaces all profiles that optimally fit and ranks them according to the relevance. The possibility of missing relevant resumes reduces drastically making recruiters more efficient and potent. It helps to retarget the candidates for the new job opening and reduces the risk of losing the role to the competition.

Restless Bandit makes a good pitch for Talent Rediscover

Tools and processes involving AI will proliferate and as they do, jobs will evolve. I think ‘Robot Process Automation’ is the next big thing, which means everything that can be automated will be automated,” says Jim Stroud, global head of sourcing and recruiting strategy, talent innovation center, Randstad Sourceright, US.

Few of the popular AI platform with Recruitment worth exploring and using.

  • Arya. Arya offers automated AI sourcing
  • EngageTalent – Sources Passive Candidates
  • GoHire. Go hire is a recruiting chatbot
  • Jobo the Job Bot A Facebook messenger to help you find your next job.
  • Mya. Mya automates the process from resume to hire using AI
  • Olivia. Olivia is your recruiting assistant
  • Wade and Wendy Wade is a career guide for candidates. Wendy is an AI in-house hiring assistant.

AI is shaking up the recruitment industry and changing it forever. The AI-based tool is becoming mainstream. RPM Jobs is one such venture that has infused artificial intelligence into recruitment. It has developed algorithms based search results for job seekers, Application Tracking System for Job Providers and Marketplace for the recruitment industry facilitators – partners.

Do you have an AI tool or technology that you have either developed or are using in your recruiting and hiring efforts? Leave a comment would love to hear from you.

Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment – The Game Changer

Statistics show that more than 85% of applicants don’t hear back after applying and 71% of employers claim that they can’t find a candidate with the right skill set. These percentages held real 20 years ago, and not much has changed even today.

Why has there been a mismatch and why has this trend not depleted over the years?

The black hole called internet has consumed many profiles that have been potentially missed out by HR Managers and Recruiters alike. Employers hiring new candidates after several rounds of interview and the stringent shortlisting process still consider new hires ‘a risky investment.’ No business either big or small is immune to these hiring difficulties.

Is the real problem lack of right candidates or lack of proper tools? Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have made some inroads in answering the age-old difficult question. Technology has helped to reduce the staggering statistics and bridge the gap. To understand why we might need a glimpse into the history of recruitment.

History of Recruitment:

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.” – Lewis Carroll

Today, it’s challenging for many recruiters and candidates to imagine a recruitment landscape that does not have the internet and technology at its heart of things. This, however, was not always the case; the recruitment industry has evolved over a period of time. And each decade has seen a milestone that has changed the recruitment industry immensely.

A Snap Shot of Recruitment History: 

Artificial intelligence and Recruitment

AI or Artificial Intelligence is a simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially, computer systems. It is the combination of two words, ‘artificial’ and ‘intelligence.’ Here, artificial is any non-natural thing that is simulated, and intelligence is the ability to understand, think, and learn. It has been used in areas as diverse as, marketing, finance, fertility tracking and recruitment to name a few.

Recruitment industry and Artificial Intelligence are areas of my interest. The recruitment industry has been smitten by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for a while now. It has progressed leaps and bounds in areas of infusing machine learning into the recruitment process.

The Growth of AI in recruitment:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can be grouped into three categories, and each type has its significance in the contribution to the HR Technology industry today.

Supervised Learning: The Beginning

It all started with the little crunching of a broad set of information and CVs into insightful reports. Much known Application Tracking Systems (ATS) do this job well. They collate massive influx of CVs and sort them in appropriate buckets for recruiters to pick and use.

Unsupervised Learning: The Progress

We soon realized that sorting of CVs was just the beginning, so we came up with software that not only sorted CVs but also highlighted potential candidates for recruiters to pick up and match. This intelligent search is now used in various job sites that match keywords and meta tags. These processes have saved a lot of time, efforts, and energy for the employers and recruiters.

Reinforcement Learning – The Way Forward

However, the thrust now is on Reinforcement Learning (RL), wherein, the system is trained to perform the task of not just identifying the potential candidates, but going ahead and pro-actively interacting with them on your behalf. (Wait… isn’t that what a researcher in a recruitment agency supposed to do? Are they going to be out of jobs soon?)

It can, for example, identify the candidate, connect with them and filter them by asking fundamental questions such as, “are you interested in a job change now?”, “what kind of change will excite you?”, “what are your role and salary expectations?”, Etc. The recruitment team can customize questions that will do the necessary filtering so that when a Recruitment manager engages with the potential candidate, he/she knows the expectations exactly, helping them to close the candidate faster and more accurately.

The future of recruitment in AI and ML space is exciting, it may not ultimately make a recruiter redundant (Machines stealing their jobs?), at least not yet. But, it will inevitably push the HR Managers and recruitment agencies around the world to evolve and engage with the potential candidates differently if they need to win over machines. It’s not a question of will it happens, but, when will it happen.

Would love to hear your thoughts on how machine learning and artificial intelligence helped you in your recruitment process 

Are you plotting your next career move? Let us Facilitate.

Are you wishing you worked somewhere, or for someone, else? Are you wondering if you’re in the right job or doing the right thing with your career?

If these are the questions you seek answers for, RPM Jobs can help.

Don’t Miss an Opportunity :

RPM Jobs is a job aggregator– think Expedia for Jobs. It scouts the web find the right job, we use our advanced algorithm ( powered by IBM Watson API) to narrow down the search results and list down jobs that fit. Which means you won’t miss a job opening, and it will surface all the relevant jobs to your dashboard.

What happens next is magic of recommendation engine and bringing right set of people together.

Building a Ninja Team!

Once you pick the job that interest you, our recommendation engine kicks in. We build a Ninja Team for you to get that dream job that you always wanted. The Team includes:

  • Resume Writer: Our Recommendation may include resume writer who has the right experience to fine-tune the CV that matches the Job Description. ( so you don’t just send generic cv but a customized cv that works)
  • A Career Coach: A Career Coach will come up with a solution-oriented approach, which involves working with you to see what concrete steps you can take to achieve career objectives
  • A Recruiter: A Recruitment consultant ensures he/she provide an impressive shortlist of the open position that meets your criteria and present you to the company in the best way possible.
  • A Referee: An industry influencer pitches in offering his/ her service to land you that interview. ( A recommendation can go a long way)
  • Mock Interview: An Ex-hiring manager of the organization you applied might be willing to conduct a Skype interview and take you through the hiring process and give you pointers that would come handy while cracking the real interview. ( Beat that!!!)
  • A Social Media Expert: A Social Media Company or a freelancer offers you with a 2-page report on the company that includes the organization structure, the competition and the social footprint of potential hiring company and the manager. ( Imagine if you knew the hiring manager who will interview you is Man U Fan, Likes Laksa, Enjoys a game of Squash and has been to a trip to Japan last December – A small talk in your interview is way important than you think.

And once your team has done all that is what they are expected to do. ( with a fee of course) Can you imagine the probability of you getting that job increase multi-fold? Yes, you can 🙂 

It may still not be a 100% way to secure a job, but it takes the guesswork out of the equation to a great degree and improve your confidence to crack that interview and land that dream job.

RPM Jobs is a one of a kind Recruitment Eco-system with a disruptive and unique idea to collates and stitch together seamlessly the three main stakeholders of recruitment industry to benefit each other. We call this as a Marketplace.

The Stakeholders of Recruitment Industry we focus on:

1) The Job Seeker (one who is actively or passively looking for a job) 

2) The Job Provider (one who is looking to hire the right talent)

3) The Facilitator (one who can help either the job seeker or the job provider with their service offering)

RPM Jobs is designed to bring together the right team for the job seeker, and you drive them to your dream job. Till date finding a job is been considered solo act, a passive approach to a great degree. We intend to change that by putting a hand-picked team with the sole purpose to find a job for you, and putting you in control.

How: ‘RPM Jobs Partners’ works?

“Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.” Katherine Whitehorn

If you are a job facilitator and have a talent you would like to monetize we have a platform for you. You could be a resume writer, a career coach, a social media consultant, a senior manager who can conduct mock interviews, background verification expert. or any service that is related to recruitment.

Just register yourself at, build a profile, list down your services, your rates and let RPM Jobs find the clients for you.

Questions? Feel free to ask.

Reach out at or or leave a comment below